8 DTG – Save the date: June 5th

S/Y Johanna almost ready to launch, entering the week of polishing & detail fixes:-) June 5th is the take-off day in Oslo, Norway. Eight days to go. Welcome to our "event" at Aker Brygge Marina! We will make a presentation, offer a bite/drink, witness the official sealing of the shore power charger and we will have a good time. More info in the invitation below. Download the invitation as a PDF

14 DTG – North Sails delivery!

DTG? Days To Go... On June 5th we will sail our first Nautic Mile. Now I know for certain, since I just picked up the updated sails from the North Sails loft in Stockholm. Martin stood there with everything set and welcomed me with a bunch of blue sail bags. What a guy. Santa Claus will have to work pretty hard to be more popular than Martin after a day like this:-) The main sail has been updated with another reef, fixed with new batten sliders for the new mast and a the new national identity has been mounted. The new furling jib was folded out on the floor and apart from looking awesome, it looks like it is longing for to get going. Then it was time to roll out the Code... My immediate thou

Soon, soon, soon....

My phone gave me that "ping" and reminded me that I earlier this year noted in my calendar that today at noon it was time for "Launching day at the shipyard" (Sjösättning Lidköp, in Swedish). Well, look at the images below (from yesterday) and take a guess on how close to the water we in fact are... this very day of May 19th, the mighty year of two thousand eighteen. It doesn't look good, I know. But we will make it in time. You just wait and see:-) ' Saildrive covered and well protected, check. 100% biocide free coating ready for application? Not really, but we will get it painted on there soon... Navigation stuff all set? Not yet as you can see, but soon... Hull and keel primed and nouris




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