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"Fossil out – electric in. He will sail 2000 Nautical Miles to make a climate statement."  KGK/Torqeedo launched the news about the project in Swe...


Welcoming Professor Martin Hassellöv from the Department of Marine Science at University of Gothenburg as “Science Advisor” is a true milestone fo...


...not in a galaxy far away, but well at the ship yard in Lidköping, Sweden. The electric drive is being installed and getting ready to push a 3.3...


"The best day to start a war against plastic was 20 years ago, the second best day is today". So, starting today we are joining in on the war and...


The new electric drive needs a new bed and it is getting there... The former fossil fuel engine needed a much heavier and larger bed due to its we...


Erlandssons Brygga is one of Sweden's largest and strongest marine equipment distributors. Erlandssons Brygga will, in collaboration with Benns ma...

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A 100% Success and Record Race!

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