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Leaving early is not always easy if you come early... Alone again as crew member Johannes had to go back to work last night. Left the beautiful Ch...


Having sailed half way with an electric engine, I have to say it has been a great experience. Yes, there has been some unfortunate issues in my ca...


I love this remote and charming island and port. It is Danish, it is beautiful and it is full of nice memories from earlier trips...first time whe...


The wind picked up after sunset and all night. No time for breakfast. Getting pass the channel bridge as soon as possible was on the the morning a...


Stayed the day in Copenhagen to settle some work and some other issues. I realised that the marina was just next by Copenhagen's most famous touri...


After a few days "long haul" sailing from Kiel I arrived Falsterbo in Sweden, where Clara 17 and Johan 24 joined in as crew. Two young and smart f...


Haven't heard from us in a while? Well, some 808 Nautic Miles have been sailed and lots of things have happened while we have had some unfortunate...


Nothing happened since June 3rd? Absolutely... Arriving Kiel, sailing from Nyborg, passing by Kolby at Samsø, fixing battery issues in Aarhus, par...


Waking up in Vinga knowing I had no power at all and was technically in the way of every other boat in there made me regret that I ever left Långe...


Two more trips to Erlandsson’s and the construction back on the transom was in place. Felt slightly trapped in Långedrag Marina after these long w...

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