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100NM to Västervik – 0% SWAM

Landsort-Västervik is a well-extended day trip if the winds are really-really good. We reached Oxelösund late at night in the light winds. Aaarghhh! Next morning off for some food foraging and sailing out again. It started really well heading south from Oxelösund and while passing Arkösund, but then the wind slowed down. So we made a comfort stop for the making of dinner over an open fire in the sunset and then sailed with help of the lighthouses down to an anchor island for a few hours' sleep. Woke up for a dip and a swim to the island for our toilet needs and then continued south.

SWAM – We can not stop being surprised by how many sailboats are out there but not sailing even if the conditions are perfect, beautiful, outstanding, fun, and relaxing. "Sailors Who Actually Motors". What is stopping so many from using their sailboats as a sailboat? It is like walking down a ski slope on a powder day. Is it too complicated, are you rushing to a meeting? We have made some random non-scientific studies and found that around 7 out of 10 sailboats we met or saw on certain perfect days were swamming. We do not want to judge people, but we would like to know...

Ahhh...Hi there Moon! We love to see you and we love your company along the way... We then continued sailing all day southwards. In light winds and with a sleeping crew at times. We had time to homeschooling and boat building and reading. The night turned into a new evening. And a dark night with still many miles to sail. Allowed ourself just a few hours of sleep by anchoring in a safe place, before pushing it before the sunrise and nailed the last distance into Västervik marina before the people around us woke up. A long stretch indeed...

Excited to sail with the help of lighthouses, but the tiredness won eventually.

Oxelösund by, not a very inspiring view from a carbon dioxide perspective.

Long stretches with no playmates onboard generate boredom at times, but being bored generally ends when a thought is nursed with enthusiasm and creativity is given space and time. Yes, creativity creates a mess at times, but it's worth it every time. Like when the boat and the sail are ready. Wow!

Blog post in the making: We're working with this blog post right now and will update texts and images as we go along. Welcome back!





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