Sun cooker arrived on a snowy day...

It is snowing from left to right outside the window and I just received a solar cooker. Better test it another day obviously. I am sure looking forward to it. Did I fall for one of these humiliating TV-shop offers? Nope. I have seen several sailors use it on video-blogs and most of them seem happy with the result.

Totally fuel free. Fold out the sun reflectors, point it towards the sun. Put whatever you want to cook on the long tray and slide it into the glass tube. On a sunny day it will easily get up to 150-200C degrees inside. Wait: More sun - less wait. Less sun – more wait.

Place it on the deck or on a pier, or get a little "thing" and attach it firmly to something onboard your boat while cruising.

Let me test it, demonstrate it and share the results with you before you order on my cred – I don't want a dissapointed you on my concious:-)

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