100% Biocide Free:-)

Signed and sealed – yes, we will sail and seal with SeaBoost this summer. SeaBoost Oy in Espoo, Finland, is challenging the coating giants by bringing a 100% biocide free coating, developed in Germany by Berndt Wohlert, to the Nordic market. The product is for boat owners who want to sleep well and move fast. Ok, it requires some brushing of the underwater hull during the season...but if that is the price we have to pay in order to get rid of toxic coating leftovers in our oceans, I am sure ready to try it.

I met with SeaBoost's founder, Christian Feodoroff, in Stockholm today. He is basing his arguments on German scientific testing results and IRL-testing for some years with initially sceptical, but later convinced, boat owners.

Christian's sincere dare devil ambition is in our opinion worth to encourage. He points out three advantages besides the 0% toxic issue: "Our coating is hard and can be brushed without "any" particles falling off (compared with soft silicon and other coatings). Our coating is hard which means friction is low, so we know it will boost your boat speed. Our coating is hard with a really tough surface, which means that you don’t have to paint your boat every year…in fact every sixth year is enough."

Well Christian, we will see about that six year thing, but we like the idea. A lot:) Check it out here. Really happy to have found a 100%-ish answer on the question raised on January 25th. Time will tell rest of story...