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808 NM – in Kiel on a lucky number?


Haven't heard from us in a while? Well, some 808 Nautic Miles have been sailed and lots of things have happened while we have had some unfortunate tech events following along. Leaving Kiel today for Rostock, some days later than expected. But we have sailed through beautiful waters and we are happy.


Remember the Skärhamn visit in June? When the pod-drive was switched to an updated, new one? That update made the charging function work alright and I managed to recharge my batteries by sailing. But still, some spooky incidents troubled me and my crew. One was that the display suddenly showed that the batteries were empty. Not only that, the engine simply stopped, so actually there was no reading displays needed to relaize that I was in the middle of a minor marina drama. That was at Vinga outside of Gothenburg. Since then we have passed Marstrand, Strömstad, Danish Skagen, Læsø, Aarhus, Samsø and Nyborg. 


And yada-yada-yada here I am in Kiel, Germany, having a great time with updated batteries (and charged), an updated gateway and updated display. Everything is now pumped with the same version of software and the same versions of functionality.



I will tell you all details it in the long story and the back dated day-by-day blog posts I am working on as I go...



Preparing for taking off from Kieler Yacht Club in an hour or two, I couldn't avoid making note of the fact that we have sailed 808 Nauticical Miles so far and happen to have an 88-ish NM ride to Rostock. In winds from the West. 808 done and 88 to go today... Is someone, somewhare telling us something? Isn't 8 the lucky number?

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