Falsterbo-Kåseberga. Upwind.

The wind picked up after sunset and all night. No time for breakfast. Getting pass the channel bridge as soon as possible was on the the morning agenda. 07.00 we were there waiting and yeees it opened up for us and som few others on the other side:-)

Falsterbo, yes I love you, but it is somehow always nice to leave you behind...

After 12 hours pretty tough and wet upwind sailing we gave up and steared towards Kåseberga. Well there we were guided by the very friendly marina boss and very soon after the boat was fixed we found ourselves up on the hill at Ale's Stones in the sunset – a Viking ship monument built in stones, most likely dated to be 1,400 years old (Ale's Stones on Wikipedia).

Then it was hard to keep away from the local restaurant serving fish soup of the day and some nice wine. After all this we competed about who of us that could stay awake the longest. Both lost though, since noone was awake to check haha...

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