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Weehooo...Christiansø, here we come!

I love this remote and charming island and port. It is Danish, it is beautiful and it is full of nice memories from earlier trips... the first time when my kids were 6 and 10 and we sailed over here with our 42-footer. I usually say that every year not visiting Christiansø and Svenska Högarna (a remote island in the far East part of the Stockholm archipelago) is not a complete sailing year:-)

I will publish more images from our short and lovely stop-over here. Here is a link for you in the meantime:

We spent a day in the marina working as part of Johannes's job is to keep up the online and phone support service for a car sharing community – – and the need for computers, phones, and cameras to be used all day made us connect the shore power so both of us could sit and work in the boat without using the power collected for the fridge and navigation. Having the shore power connected does not charge the Lithium 24 Volt or the 12 Volt battery since that charger plug is sealed.

Just to give you a feeling of the place in an early morning awakening...

...and here's a glimpse from the opposite side of the harbor the same evening.




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