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New long haul to Öland – 94 NM

Bam! Fell asleep like a log last night after arriving in Karlskrona, woke up early, and spent a day fixing things...the 50W solar panel gave up recently as one little dilemma. Totally dead. That has had some effect on the fridge and the use of navigation instruments. So I found a boat dealer and upgraded with a 100W portable/foldable panel. Yeah:-) Powerful is the word. I like it.

Then, after meeting some people on the pier and discussing electric versus fossil, and diving into the art of recýcling (will get back on that) I got myself onboard and sailed out from the marina using only the jib. Always a great feeling:-)

Sailing out of Karlskrona was fabulous, but when I turned around I saw the cloud...there was the weather in the sky obviously. Rain and thunder, but if I kept going I should be able to get away from it. It never hit me, but wow did they have thunders up on land.

Just before turning left and going north for Borgholm...the wind died. Some 4-5 hours later the boat symbol past the upper right-hand corner of the screen. It reminded me about the painful nights on open water outside of Kiel where I set the "inverted" speed record on this trip - in no wind for some 12 hours.




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