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Mission completed! Thank you all!

Today we sailed in and tied S/Y Johanna to Riddarholmen in Stockholm City Center. Some 30-40 people crowned the "Arrival After-Sail" event with their presence and all the hugging and support was a wonderful home-coming bonus:-) Thank you all for coming, thank you all for your support along the way, thank you all fabulous young crew members, and thank you all partners for help, support, and good pieces of advice!

Yes, we are done with this mission, and no, of course, we will not quit – the 20 young crew members and all the people we have met in person, online, and via media have convinced me that sincere grass root initiatives and promoting good examples is pure dynamite in the war against ignorance and/or fearfulness about the future.

Hope is blooming. I will add more sun, wind, and water the best way I can.

- - -

So, what's next? Well, update all the blog posts that never was posted, summarise the technical data, the images, interviews, and videos, and get going with the documentary film. Then of course analyze the microplastic containers from the trawling sessions... and then plan for a way how to continue to create awareness around the message, help and inspire the young generations and build hope and trust in the fact that yes, we can fix it if we all act now.

Photo: Marita Dahl

Photo: Anna Hejdenberg-Brask

The young crew last couple of days, from left Alex, Eddy, Eli and Axel. Photo: Johan Boström

Photo: Anna Hejdenberg-Brask

Photo: Lars G Karlsson

Photo: Lars G Karlsson

Photo: Anna Hejdenberg-Brask




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