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A quick stop at the capital of Åland

Five hours late I arrived at Mariehamn. The patient journalist and photographer still waited for me to make the interview.... I also got to meet and have lunch with a great friend living on the island – Tim Mankonen.

Tried to convince Tim to sail with me over to Kapellskär in Sweden and have him take the ferry back...but it wasn't tempting enough obviously haha. But We will be back!

Åland is situated between Sweden and Finland. It is a progressive set of islands and an autonomous region of Finland, with its own government. In 2018 they did set foot with a new bold climate goal – to reduce the island's emissions by 60% by 2030. This will, according to early plans, mainly be achieved by large investments in wind power – up to 500 offshore wind turbines on an area of a thousand square kilometers. With an effect of up to six gigawatts. That is a huge wind power source.

Smart move! We are looking forward to sailing up and checking the coming wind turbines in the Åland waters. Hopefully, their bold plans will inspire other regions around the Baltic Sea to do the same... We sailed past the wind generators above earlier this summer, read the blog post about the smart people on the Danish island Samsø,

What about the journalist and photographer? They did a great job:

Always nice to be published. Getting the message out wider and longer. Hopefully, somebody is inspired to re-think their choices to come...





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