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96 NM Marstrand-Strömstad-Havstenssund

Suddenly a little unexpected chat over the phone created some extra 96 Nautical Miles of archipelago sailing up north. In one day more or less. A single-handed race against the clock before leaving for an open water leg to Skagen in Denmark, some additional 80 Nautical Miles westward. I was actually going to sail in a chill pace down to Långedrag, relax there for a day, and wait for the new crew to hop on haha.

Can't complain at all. Sailing north in the summer on the west coast offers crazy sunsets up your nose.

Nope, no reason to complain. Winds are steady from the west and S/Y Johanna is munching Nautical Miles as if they were candy...

But nope, I didn't believe it out there and I don't believe it now – 11.3 knots?!- But it sure is tempting to believe it after some 12 hours of sailing in pretty intense winds and nobody else out there and nobody onboard the boat. either. But 11.3 is just too good to be true. Or should I trust the GPS?

Note to self: Remember to close the drainage and the skylight

After arriving at Strömstad at 03.30 AM and getting ready for sleep I just remembered that I had forgotten to close some vital parts in the boat before the 90 NM leg in west coast waters and heavy winds from the west. No dry bed is the short story.

Just what one doesn't need.

Making a cozy breakfast in the cockpit just has to wait for another day.

OK, this one makes more realistic sense. The west wind was almost the same as last night but on the decline. Great fun and not so wet to sail the inner way down, protected by islands, compared to sailing on the outside amongst these big waves up to Strömstad like last night.





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