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6) A VOTE AT THE LAST MINUTE – Nov 7, 2022


Promise, this is the last vote-vote-vote-post.

(Voting Closed Monday, Nov 7th - Midnight EST).

We're not nagging to have a diploma on the wall. Or sell boats or engines. We’re doing it for the sake of something bigger than that.
We’re in this to show the world that caring for what we already have is mega-smart. Up-cycle it, repair it, give it a remake, make the lifecycle longer. Save the world. A win gives us a fantastic platform to share that message on a global arena. We will then hopefully inspire more people, industries, boatbuilders, boat owners, bicycle owners, you name it. We will work hard for that message. Promise.

And we say it again – with all due respect to our fellow nominees’ innovative, modern, exciting, and fabulous new production yacht projects, this year’s award is ours together with all other owners of already existing sailboats. A win for Smaragd will actually make their boat a World's Best Electric Sailboat as well on the day when they shift to an electric engine.

No matter the type of sailboat, no matter when and no matter the type or brand of engine (we love our Torqeedo though:-)


This award is for them and us. And for you and all the kids around you. Thank you IMMENSELY for your vote and for nagging on on your family, friends, colleagues and whoever that may agree to these thoughts on up-cycling vs new production this year ( We can all vote next year again for the big ones...)

Hugs from BB, Guri, Kaikāne, Julie, Johannes and aaaaall other crew members

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