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Why we think our 30-year-old up-cycled Smaragd is the World's Best Electric Sailboat Concept 2022.


"A win for our up-cycled, 30-year-old, Smaragd, will also be a win for all owners of sailboats shifting from fossil fuel to electric propulsion. When they do their shift, they will make their sailboat a World's Best Electric Sailboat as well, and then share the award with us. No matter the type of boat, no matter when they do it, and no matter the type or brand of the electric engine. May the world's best electric sailboat concept 2022 win!"

Skipper Bjorn Bertoft &

45 young crew members

Up-cycling saves energy and resources and it cuts emissions. There are millions of sailboats on the global market with fossil fuel combustion engines today. They will need to shift to electric like we did five years ago. Or shift to some other kind, not invented or made available yet.


Votes and a jury announced Sunreef 80 Eco the 2022 winner. More.

About shifting from fossil fuel to electric or renewables...Here are the opening speeches by UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Al Gore at the Opening Ceremony of the World Leaders Summit COP27 2022 .

We are truly impressed and supportive of all our eight fellow nominees' innovative new electric yacht projects, they are paving the way for smarter, innovative new productions. And they have the power to do do for many years to come. But the climate crisis is banging on our door now. Let us not forget what we have already have floating, we want to inspire the entire boating industry, and all sailboat owners, to focus also on shifting to electric in the existing global fleet. For the young generations' sake. So, in our minds, this year should be our's, together with all of them. We will vote for the new exciting projects next year, and the next ones coming after that.

Thank you all for your vote this year!

Please find below the full-voting-stories we have posted on social media up until the day the voting closed (November 7th, 2022)

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