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1) A VOTE FOR SMARAGD – Oct 25, 2022.

Today we have 14 days to go before the voting deadline.

We were told by friends that our nomination holds onto a statement stronger than the others. We will therefore tell you a bunch of stories about our nomination's "soul". So expect more posts, images, and long readings from us in the coming two weeks.


Voting for the Smaragd is a vote for electric sailing, but possibly, even more, a statement for re-use, up-cycling, and caring for the limited resources we have available on this planet. As simple as that, and if that is enough for you, here's the link to the voting blog post (Voting Closed).


And if you want more, here it is:

I am Bjorn, a sailor since childhood and I started this project in 2018. I used to dream that I could buy myself a new sleek 70-ish footer and sail around showing off. But in 2017 I had the chance to hold the tiller of my first sailboat again – the Smaragd from 1991. Only 34 feet, but sleek and fast. Hanne and I bought her. The Smaragd was our first boat...and my first boat love affair. Our two children were more or less born into her. They definitely grew up onboard her. She was later sold. But another 15 years later I got her back with the idea to treat her with a nice makeover, and give her to our now grown-up kids.

Her fossil fuel engine was getting old. But I couldn’t see myself sitting there, by the tiller, with a potential grandchild on my lap, knowing that I recently had installed a brand new fossil fuel engine in a boat for my children and grandchildren. So, we ripped it out. I found an electric pod engine that could charge its own batteries while sailing. Wow! More expensive yes, but an obvious point of no return. I was blown away.


The project 100% Sun Wind Water was born. Dedicated to coming generations. I am in the generation that has lived for 50-100 years splurging with planetary resources like there was no tomorrow. But there is. So I invited young people from anywhere to join in, hop on and share experiences, values, ideas, fears, hopes, and thoughts .

From that day when Nora, Klara, and Erik sailed with me from Oslo after our sail-off ceremony on World Environment Day 2018, I realized this was not my project any longer. It was ours. Actually it belonged to them and the young crew members to come. Then the project grew. After 5 years and 7.660 nautical miles, we are 45 crew members on the list. And friends for life. Due to statistics, they all have more life left than me. On this planet. So, using what we already have first of all is a valuable effort to build a sustainable future for them.


Here is a thought: There are millions of already floating sailboats around the world. We want to inspire the boating industry to step up a notch on the development of simple and accessible solutions to shift from fossil fuel engines to electric ones, rather than just focusing on the building of new fabulous electric yachts, using more resources and energy. Of course, we also need new ones as well, but you know what we mean.

Having all that said, we truly want to add that we salute our fellow award nominees for their promising efforts to develop new yachts with electric propulsion, advanced sustainable solutions, and recycled materials. It is really impressive and inspiring to read. Bravo!

But...with the climate crisis banging on our door, what concept could possibly be "The World's Best Electric Sailboat 2022" if not an already existing sailboat with a newly installed electric engine? No matter the brand of the boat, no matter the brand of the engine. We happen to sail a Smaragd with a Torqeedo electric pod engine. And we love them both.


Enough said for now, but stay tuned for coming stories:

Our up-cycling process.

Our young crew.

Our actions – Fossil Fuel Free, Zero Waste, Solar Food, Toxic-Fee, Female Racing Crew, and Ocean Artivism.

Our believers, supporters, and our hopes.

Thank you for your attention.


Hugs to you from all of us


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