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7) SAY HELLO TO THE WINNER – Nov 18, 2022

Congratulations Sunreef 80 Eco!


Winning an award is of course the top of the mountain, but being nominated and coming second ain't bad at all. We were nominated for the same reason – the world needs to shift away from fossil fuel and into 100% Sun Wind Water. And despite that our two electric sailboat concepts may be slightly different, and may attract different types of sailors, our common goal is the same, right?


So, to all of you Sunreef 80 Eco sailors out there, if you wanna do some sailboat-swapping for a month or two, just send us a PM...


Check out the Sunreef 80 Eco

Check out all the The Gussies 2022 Winners


And to all of you who voted for Smaragd and Torqeedo - once again THANK YOU IMMENSELY for your support and belief that we could actually have won this. We will never know how many votes any of us received, or the jury's reasoning behind their choice, but what matters to us is that we got an opportunity to shed some light on our message: Up-cycling is mega-smart. It saves energy and resources and it cuts emissions as it is based on boats that already exist. There are millions of them out there on the global market, with fossil fuel combustion engines. They will need to shift to electric as we did five years ago. We still feel that it is a pretty cool electric sailboat concept.


Hugs from all of us!

BB, Guri, Kaikāne, Julie, Johannes, Hanna, Hanna, Siri, Julia, Inez, Elin, Klara, Erik, Nora, Jana, Oscar, Martin, Amalie, Linn, Johan, Clara, Dessi, Camilla, Rickard, Joshua, Kairi, Axel, Juan, Yansen, Carla, Jenny, Alexandra, Eddy, Alex, Eli, Alex, Elena, Linn, Erik, Viktor, Janjarang, Christopher, Layla, Ayla, Katja, Malte, Marius...and Hanne, PB, Gary, Anna-Karin, Kina, Niclas, Jan, Helene, Felicia, Josefin, Marita, Roffe, Elsa, Edvard, Sven, Kari, Frans, Emma, Martin, Mathias, Jenny, Tarja, mum and dad and a bunch more that has been part of this up-cycling Smaragd story.

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