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This is an independent grass root project initiated and managed by sailor and boat owner Bjorn Bertoft. It is being performed together with invited partners, stakeholders, and friends who share the values embedded in sustainable lifestyle alternatives.

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Bjorn Bertoft, sailor, producer, and Agenda 2030 evangelist:

Sailing CV



Dee Caffari MBE. Skipper, Volvo Ocean Race on the Turn The Tide On Plastics 2018. Chair, the World Sailing Trust. Dee has sailed around the world six times. She is the only woman to have sailed solo, non-stop, around the world in both directions and the first woman to sail non-stop around the world three times.

This project is initiated for generations to come. Therefore we invite primarily young sailors as crew members. We recruit them amongst friends, family, and partners. We also invite climate evangelists, activists, and change makers with a passion for the values we stand up for. Some of our guests are sailors, some first-timers, some we know, and some we have never met before. So it could in fact also be you.
– Apply for a hop-on hop-off adventure here.
– Check out the ACT 2020 Racing Crew



Along the journey, we will invite young climate entrepreneurs, change makers, and sustainable lifestyle advocates for a chat in our cockpit. We will listen to their stories, interview them on camera and promote their ideas – How do they think, what do they do, what can we learn? Their stories will be shared in our social media, blog, and eventually a documentary film.

– Interested? Let's meet onboard or online... drop a note here.


Martin Hassellöv, Professor at Department of Marine Sciences at University of Gothenburg. Martin is also the skipper of Hrimfare – a Challenge 67 sailing yacht, equipped for scientific assignments worldwide, with a specialty in research and communication on marine plastic debris. (official UN flagship for the UN campaign SafePlanet More).


Adam Woods, a film producer in the UK. Former Director at CNN International, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel. Adam is the project's documentary film advisor. Jana Julian, photographer, and filmer has been part of the voyages 2018 and 2019 and will be joining in on the voyage 2020.



Learn more about our partners here.

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