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Nominated the World's Best Electric Sailboat 2022!

Our upcycled 34ft Smaragd Johanna, with the Torqeedo electric pod engine, has been nominated in The Gussies 2022 Electric Boat Awards, the Electric Sailboat category. We are of course excited and proud to the brim. Voting for our little Smaragd is a vote for electric sailing of course, but more so a statement for re-use, up-cycling, and caring for the limited resources we have available on this planet. Read more about WHY WE THINK WE SHOULD WIN. It is also a vote for a lifestyle-changing idea on several other levels. Read more about OUR SIX MISSIONS.


Winners are to be announced on November 10th!

After testing electric pod engines since 2018 and 7.660 Nautical Miles we feel that we have collected some valuable experiences – and we and our 45 young crew members have learned to enjoy the silence, the direct propulsion, the simplicity, and the saved space onboard. We have enjoyed the no emission, the no grease, the no smell, the no more marine gas stations, the no oil filters, and the no need for prayers before starting the engine in rough conditions. We have also experienced hardships with shorter ranges, empty batteries, and hydro-generation syncing dilemmas.

But today is a day to celebrate! Our electric statement activities have possibly led to a more confident move forward for the entire electric boating industry. The global fossil fuel sailboat fleet needs to transform into a fossil fuel-free fleet. We owe it to our kids and grandkids. And it has to happen pretty much now.


Thank you all for your generous votes!

A vote on Smaragd is more than a vote for an electric engine

We are up against eight nominated new, exclusive, fantastic yacht projects - a David against Goliath scenario as we are competing with a "recycled" sailboat from 1991. We sail for Agenda 2030 in every way we can. 45 young crew members have joined us while sailing electric 7.660 Nautical Miles for the climate, the planet, and humanity. We have tested and experimented with sustainable lifestyle alternatives and we have lived with nature as much as we can, instead of against her. Read more about our goals and missions here.

We would be so honored to win your vote, support and sympathy.

The motivation for Smaragd/Torqeedo:

The Smaragd is a 34 ft sailboat with an electric Torqeedo pod engine installation (4.0/10.0 and Lithium batteries) Installed in an existing sailboat after ditching the former fossil fuel engine. I nominate Torqeedo’s pod engines, which enable sustainable solutions for the transforming of the global fleet of millions of fossil fuel sailboats into electric sailors. The simplicity and cleanness of the installation and the possibility to charge the battery bank with the engine while sailing (hydro generation) as well as with solar panels, wind generators, and shore power, contribute with significance to the shift we need to do.

Bye-bye fossil fuel engine, tank, and smelly, greasy stuff. Hello, electric engine. The cable through the hull from the pod drive up to the batteries is all there is left in the former engine room.





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