Leaving early: Christiansø Denmark for Karlskrona Sweden.

Leaving early is not always easy if you come early... Alone again as crew member Johannes had to go back to work last night. Left the beautiful Christiansø early in the morning, got the beloved code sail up in front and went north for the city at Sweden's lower right corner – Karlskrona. I prepared my self for a 10-12 hour shift in the cockpit. Here we go again...avocado, eggs, water, nuts and carrots haha... Had straight winds and went fishing for some micro plastic on this leg. I wanted to get one sample from these waters south of Sweden. Last one I did was between Denmark and Germany.

Some experiences with the electric pod drive

Having sailed half way with an electric engine, I have to say it has been a great experience. Yes, there has been some unfortunate issues in my case (hydro generation), with the shifting of versions of engines and updating batteries, gateways, displays and other "power intelligence gadgets". But I assume that it is part of the game these days when adopting new technology. The most important job for the drive is obviously to push the boat when needed and in that field my silent friend under the hull has been, and is, doing a great job. OK FOR SHORT RANGE MANEUVERS? By now I have tested it for short ranges some 90+ times in and out of marinas, up against rivers, when passing opening bridges or

Weehooo...Christiansø, here we come!

I love this remote and charming island and port. It is Danish, it is beautiful and it is full of nice memories from earlier trips...first time when my kids were 6 and 10 and we sailed over here with our 42-footer. I usually say that every year not visiting Christiansø and Svenska Högarna (remote island in far East part of Stockholm archipelago) is not a complete sailing year:-) I will publish more images from our short and lovely stop-over here . Here is a link for you in the meantime: We spent a day in the marina working as part of Johannes job is to keep up the online and phone support service for a car sharing community – – and the need fo

Falsterbo-Kåseberga. Upwind.

The wind picked up after sunset and all night. No time for breakfast. Getting pass the channel bridge as soon as possible was on the the morning agenda. 07.00 we were there waiting and yeees it opened up for us and som few others on the other side:-) Falsterbo, yes I love you, but it is somehow always nice to leave you behind... After 12 hours pretty tough and wet upwind sailing we gave up and steared towards Kåseberga. Well there we were guided by the very friendly marina boss and very soon after the boat was fixed we found ourselves up on the hill at Ale's Stones in the sunset – a Viking ship monument built in stones, most likely dated to be 1,400 years old (Ale's Stones on Wikipedia). The


Stayed the day in Copenhagen to settle some work and some other issues. I realised that the marina was just next by Copenhagen's most famous tourist attraction – the mermaid and sculpture "Lille Havfruen". Had to get a picture of her...and without all the Asian tourists swarming around her haha...they were everywhere:-) The little mermaid. Google her and you will get a nice story... Then, by mere coincidence I met Øivind, a great "partner in crime" in terms of electric sailing. He has bought a spectacular sailboat with an electric engine and feeds his battery park with solar and wind. I will come back on that and his exciting project in a separeate post later on. Øivind showing me his electr

Half way and arriving Copenhagen

After a few days "long haul" sailing from Kiel I arrived Falsterbo in Sweden, where Clara 17 and Johan 24 joined in as crew. Two young and smart friends. The original plan was to sail with them to Christiansø, but due to the delay we had to re-arrange the plan and make the trip to Copenhagen instead. We more or less passed the project's halfway mark 1000 Nautic Miles at the same time as we sailed spinnacker under the Öresund Bridge. Two memorable moments. Arriving Copenhagen, we had sailed 1022,7 NM since June 5th. The Öresund Bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden between Copenhagen and Malmoe. Clara 17, a bright college student, thinking a lot about what's going to happen as she grows up an

No wind. No Rostock.

Right outside of Kiel the wind died. I didn't want to waste the new batteries on this and not yet so I let myself drift around. After som 20 hours I gave up the drifting towards Rostock in Germany and decided to try to drift north towards Rødby in Denmark instead. That was sad, I had looked forward to meet with scientists at the marine institute in Rostock. But such is life. Just have to save it for another year...

808 NM – in Kiel on a lucky number?

Haven't heard from us in a while? Well, some 808 Nautic Miles have been sailed and lots of things have happened while we have had some unfortunate tech events following along. Leaving Kiel today for Rostock, some days later than expected. But we have sailed through beautiful waters and we are happy. THE SHORT STORY: Remember the Skärhamn visit in June? When the pod-drive was switched to an updated, new one? That update made the charging function work alright and I managed to recharge my batteries by sailing. But still, some spooky incidents troubled me and my crew. One was that the display suddenly showed that the batteries were empty. Not only that, the engine simply stopped, so actually th

Blog-updates in the making...

Nothing happened since July 3rd? Absolutely... Arriving Kiel, sailing from Nyborg, passing by Kolby at Samsø, fixing battery issues in Aarhus, party with great young friends in Langør/Samsø, sailing down from Læsø to Bønnerup, making a short stop in Skagen, picking up new crew in Havsstensund, checking in with customs in Strömstads, non-stop racing up from Marstrand, spending lovely days with the übercool M32s in at "Match Cup Sweden" and changing batteries in Långedrag. The stories from the above days will be published one by one...thank you for your patience.

Arriving Kiel – a personal milestone

I grew up hearing about the Kieler Woche. A sail racing bonanza that most of my sail racing buddies went, to but not me. I guess I was not a good competitor enough, or I focused on other sailing adventures instead. Now I arrived the city center marina myself. Kiel, check. On my way down I picked up a semi-empty plastic tube of toothpaste from the waves...i showed two things, somebody dropped it and the content for our mouths contains micro plastics on purpose...really, in 2018?

Stop at Samsøø – the wind power island

We sailed from Aarhus with mixed feelings. No hydro generation before Torqeedo can figure it out. Possibly we can get it fixed when arriving down in Kiel. But we were also excited sailing to Kolby on the island Samsøø. We had booked a meeting with Mr Samsøø himself, the guy who made the island energy independent by investing in the building of their own wind power plants. After 10 years of convincing the island's inhabitants that this was a lucrative idea, they paid their last oil invoice from the mainland and instead could start to invoice the mainland for the surplus electricity they delivered from their beautiful island.

Nope, still didn't work...

The issues with my batteries, just had to brake the seal and charge via shore power land again. Danish Radio picked up our arrival and came down for an interview.

A few nice stops before Aarhus

A few nice stops, some party and fun and after that it was time to meet with a new engineer to check the hydrogeneration and battery situation again.

Lovely Denmark, lovely crew...

We are neighbours and close related, but still there are quite a few differences in culture and attitudes towards life. Love it. Johannes, Martin and Oscar joined to Skagen, then out to Læsø and down to Bønnerup where we picked up Amalie and Lisa.

96 NM Marstrand-Strömstad-Havstenssund

Suddenly a little chat created some 96 Nautical Miles extra. In two days. Before leaving for Skagen in Denmark, some 80 Nautical Miles westward. Luckily I was going to pick up my friends for the open water leg to Skagen.

Swedish Match Cup in Marstrand

What an exciting expo opportunity – to meet people in Marstrand during the über cool sail racing event Match Cup Sweden with the M32 catamarans with some of the best competitive sailors in the world. We were also keen to meet with realy young sailors...

A dip, a sail-out and an early morning sail-back.

Waking up in Vinga knowing I had no power at all and was technically in the way of every other boat in there made me regret that I ever left Långedrag. I took a early morning bath to re-boot my mind hoping it would solve the dilemma by itself. An inverted selfie of a naked early morning dip. Thankfully, people out on remote islands are nice people and quite solution oriented…so everything went well when untangling the marina mess and by lunch I was the only boat left in there. In a wind shift in the afternoon, I challenged the current and took off with a plan in mind to sail to Marstrand and fix the dilemma when getting there, a day or two later. But the same evening I received an new sms fr

Sailing to the epic lighthouse Vinga

Two more trips to Erlandsson’s and the construction back on the transom was in place. Felt slightly trapped in Långedrag Marina after these long warm days and decided to take off for the island outside of Gothenburg holding the epic Vinga Lighthouse as it is an undisputed landmark and local trophy. The little innocent evening leg to Vinga offered some unexpected drama. With the wind and pretty stubborn current in my back, I entered into the narrow marina with sails down and little possibilities to control the speed. So, I turned on my engine after I had inspected the narrow pier/marina and realized that there was no room for me at all. I had to be pretty harsh with the reverse to slow down.




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