First video...showing the installation

The installation of the electric pod drive is getting there and I really want to show you how it is developing. While visiting the ship yard yesterday we made this little video. The feeling... knowing that we already did get rid of the fossil fuel engine...and now being able to install a sleek electric pod drive in the boat is absolutely awesome. Well designed and updated green technology mounted in my boat - Yeay, I have to admit like it a lot! - - - PS. I use to stand behind the camera as a producer. Yesterday I found myself in front of it, realizing I have a new challenge to deal with...remembering what to say. So, here is more or less what I forgot to mention: THE STATEMENT – DOING A T

100% wind onboard

The set of sails are being updated for the season. Our partner North Sails at their loft in Stockholm is now adjusting the reefs on the main sail while we are waiting for the solar cells to be delivered and attached. In meantime they are also preparing and producing new sails up front: ROLLING FURLING JIB – 16 SQM Sailing alone on a sleek Smaragd with no lifelines around the deck calls for some thoughts, and a jib on a furler is of course a convenient solution, but it is also an important safety aspect to be able to handle it from the cockpit. CODE ZERO – 37 SQM The furling Code Sail – a flat easy-to-handle downwind sail that fits in between the upwind headsails and the downwind spinnaker..

World Sailing Survival Training...check.

This weekend was dedicated to safety training, at the Nordtac Marine Safety Training Center at Käringön, an island on the Swedish west coast. Refreshing an outdated World Sailing certificate, diving into new insights, testing safety equipment IRL and sharing experiences and thoughts with experienced sailors from Norway and Sweden was well spent time indeed. It was also an outstanding opportunity to get to know the safety equipment being prepared for the boat, the crew and myself – like the EPIRB and AIS MOB unit in the image above, delivered by our safety partner Erlandssons Brygga. The World Sailing Organization is governing the regulations on survival training for sailors worldwide. See mo




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