Press release by KGK/Torqeedo

"Fossil out – electric in. He will sail 2000 Nautical Miles to make a climate statement." KGK/Torqeedo launched the news about the project in Sweden today. Check out the pressrelease translated to English and/or download it in English or Swedish: Press release in English (PDF) Press release in Swedish (PDF) KGK MyNewsDesk Pressroom (In Swedish) - - - - - Press release 2018-02-28 Fossil out – electric in. He will sail 2000 Nautical Miles to make a climate statement. Without a drop of fossil fuel or a minute of shore power he will sail at least 2000 NM and visit marinas in seven countries around the Baltic Sea. The fossil fuel engine is gone and he is installing the first electric pod drive b

Professor Martin Hassellöv joining in as Science Advisor

Welcoming Professor Martin Hassellöv from the Department of Marine Science at University of Gothenburg as “Science Advisor” is a true milestone for the project. Our 2000 Nautical Mile journey is being offered as a vessel for scientific research projects to Universities and scientific institutions. Martin accepted an invitation and generously joined the project to help us collect data in a scientific manner and to assist us with valuable competence and guidance. “I see this as an interesting Citizen Science opportunity. Bjorn and his crew are planning for a unique journey, passing through three sensitive bodies of water, seven countries and thousands of nautical miles in a “clean” boat with n

Electric pod successfully docked with mother ship...

...not in a galaxy far away, but well at the ship yard in Lidköping, Sweden. The electric drive is being installed and getting ready to push a 3.3 ton and 34 foot Smaragd through the water without any carbon dioxide left behind. Niclas and Göran just attached the first Torqeedo Pod Drive in the country. Let's call it a small step for two experienced boat builders...and part of the giant leap mankind is taking towards a fossil fuel-free life on planet Earth. The new engine in... (yes, that's all there is) ...the old engine out. The Smaragd hull has a steep angle and therefore the bed for the pod was to be integrated in a "negative" design. Two of these Lithium babies will run the show.

Joining the war on plastic

"The best day to start a war against plastic was 20 years ago, the second best day is today". So, starting today we are joining in on the war and will use our 2000 Nautical Miles to do what we can. Happily we can see an increasing number of initiatives against the use of plastics on both global and local levels. Several cool projects are shedding light on the issue and we hope that we can inspire others in the same way as they have inspired us. EU declares war on plastic waste Volvo Ocean Race – Turn The Tide on Plastic Plastic Soup Surfer United Nations How this will be done? We are now investigating the possibilities to join in on ongoing scientific projects and hopefully be able to find s

New bed getting ready for the new drive...

The new electric drive needs a new bed and it is getting there... The former fossil fuel engine needed a much heavier and larger bed due to its weight and vibrations. That one is ripped out. The slim new bed for the electric drive saves space and weight. And again...except from the cable to the throttle and to the two lithium batteries up front, this is all I need to worry about. No tank, no cooling water or exhaust tubes through the hull, no risk of spilling smelly and highly flammable fossil fuel in the boat, no oil smearing around...and after painting the space you are looking down into, this can be used for storage of anything – clothes, sails or delicate fruits. No heat, no dirt, no oi

Navigation and safety partner

Erlandssons Brygga is one of Sweden's largest and strongest marine equipment distributors. Erlandssons Brygga will, in collaboration with Benns mast manufacturer and the ship yard Lidköpings Båtsnickeri, help our project with competence and guidance when it comes to navigation instruments and safety equipment. We have set the ambition on a high level when it comes to these vital fields – updating the existing instruments for wind, navigation, sea charts etc and completing the safety aspects with AIS, EPIRB and VHF-systems. On top of these electronic safety gadgets, we are updating inflating life jackets, life rafts, fire extinguisher, emergency navigation lights, emergency flares etc. When w




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