From Colombia? Wanna do some sailing?

Gotta love Juanda and his family from Columbia...and Alexandra. Having dinner at Sandhamns Värdshus, inviting me to sit at their table. Next day we all went sailing...and trawled for micro plastics of course.

Crossing Ålands Hav – back in da hoods again

I came from the South after 15 years, but enter my home sailing waters from the North. The leg over to Swedish mainland and the Stockholm archipelago was emotional and filled with great memories from earlier crossings...

From the Bertoft Island to Åbo's Climate Plan

On the island Satavaa south of Åbo in the beautiful archipelago a brach of my family tree has settled since many years back. I just have to share how a stop there led to an interview at the Town Hall in Åbo.

Trawling micro plastics in Finnish waters

Hahaha...these are images of something that may look like the perfect trawling session. But yeez did things mess up after the wind picked up and, the Code Zero got stuck, the trawl sank and some of all the lines around got stuck in the propeller.

Wind, wind, wind – in da face to Hankö

We left the boat expo early morning, enthusiastically I told my guests that we could reach Hankö by the evening. However we had to give up and spend the night behind a little island in the Finnish archipelago...

Hyvää työtä – Helsinki Boat Expo!

Joshua and I arrived late that night but everything was prepared for us. So we docked and fixed the banners and looked forward to meet the visitors and show them our treats...

Yes, I won the bet – Helen too:-)

I met Helen at the boat expo in Stockholm in March. She was representing the East Baltic marinas and is a very (!) experienced sail racer. When I told her about my plans for the summer she looked at me with sceptical eyes and told me I would never make it all the way to Tallin. "What makes you think you can cover twice the distance in half the time without a proper engine? You gonna be cold, wet and never get all the way." I said "If I make it to Tallin, I will treat you with a dinner." She said "No way, if you make it to Tallim this year I am inviting YOU to dinner haha..."

From Riga to Tallin – a new world to us both

We left early morning sweeping down streams from the Riga Marina. A beautiful day and Joshua's smile was bigger than his face. Sailing is soooo awesome! 200 meter outside the pier and in the Riga Bay waves the experience was quite different. 20 knots wind and shallow waters makes waves short and steep. Poor Joshua, the sea sickness hit him hard. He had to take the tiller to conquer it better out there.

Welcome onboard Joshua!

Arriving Riga City Marina after midnight. There was Joshua from Alabama waiting with his little bag. Happy to see us of course...he had been waiting for four days..

Prepping for Riga – Thank you Rikard!

Gotta love my new friend Rikard Silfverhielm. At 9.00 AM he came walking from the bus at Fårösund with a big smile and said "Hi, I am Rikard, are we ready to go?". The great story is longer than so, and just has to be told...

Visby – setting sails with Dessi and Camilla.

Beautiful Visby on the west coast of Sweden's largest island Gotland is always a treat. And an exciting party town. Having sailed single handed for some time I easily talked myself into going out for a night. So I did and walked enthusiastically into the lively narrow streets brimming with happy people... A few bar-hopings later I realised that coming back to the boat in the marina confirmed the experiences from earlier visits – one of the best site for late night drinks is your own cockpit in the marina. I managed to get in touch with dear family friends and my daughter Julie's best friend Dessi. She and her sister Camilla didn't hesitate for a second to join me onboard for the leg up to F

Micro plastic trawling in the sunset

Here is a story on my little micro plastic trawling mission. You all know about the plastic problem by now: Like that there is plastic debris lumps floating around in our oceans larger than THREE times the size of France. But that is not the worst part, the worst part is the fact that all plastic degenerates into micro plastic particles and further on to nano plastics. Plankton then eat it, then shrimps, fishes, crabs, birds, whales and eventually we eat and drink it ourselves. You have probably seen the terrible images of birds, dolphins and whales with their bellies' full of pretty large plastic pieces. And you have most likely heard Ellen Mc Arthur's statement: "If we don't stop now there

Öland article published

The nice encounter with a local reporter resulted in a nice article. Our solar oven blew her mind and once again along this voyage the same surprised reaction popped up – a grown up individual from one of the most well informed corners of the world, express with blunt surprise: "–Oh wow, you can really cook food with the sun! It is in fact a method of cooking humans have been using for thousands of years. Why have we been so disconnected from our old traditions? Electricity, oil and a never ending strive for convenience are probably parts of the answer to that.

New long haul to Öland – 94 NM

Bam! Fell asleep like a log last night after arriving Karlskrona, woke up early and spent a day fixing things...the 50W solar panel gave up recently as one little dilemma. Totally dead. That has had som effect on the fridge and the use of navigation instruments. So I found a boat dealer and upgraded with a100W portable/foldable panel. Yeay:-) Powerful is the word. I like it. Then, after meeting some people on the pier and discussing electric versus fossil, and diving into the art of recýcling (will get back on that) I got my self onboard and sailed out from the marina using only the jib. Always a great feeling:-) Sailing out of Karlskrona was fabulous, but when I turned around I saw the clou




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