Invited to apply for World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award.

Earlier this year World Sailing initiated a distinguished award to recognise organizations, projects or individuals working with sustainable matters in line with Agenda 2030. Shortly before the closing date I received an email from Dan Reading, Sustainability Programme Manager: "Dear Bjorn, we think that the 100 sunwindwater campaign aligns with our sustainability strategy, therefore we would like to invite you to apply for our award." Wow, we were invited by World Sailing! Of course we applied. This morning we were informed that we did well, but four other applicants made it as final nominees. I bow myself for these four great projects and on behalf of my young crew members I congratulate t

Cleaning and cooking – a man's job?

Absolutely. Sailing with young people from around the world is a great study in new views on old-school perspectives. Perspectives my generation has been eager to preserv. By habit, intentions and sub-conciousness. Went out to the clear waters to film some cleaning of the hull and try some late season solar food cooking.

Back at Högarna – A fossil fuel tragedy

Yep, I was sorry to see that "nothing" has happened since I windsurfed out to this paradise island back in 2010 and agreed with the authority that changes would be made. The two diesel engines are still there pounding out emissions 24-7-52-12-365.

Elena and Jana – from Russia and Germany

Told them that it is beutiful out in the archipelago...but didn't dare to even dream about that we would experience Nordic Light on our first cold night out there. Elena was booked to sail with us along the coastline in Finland but couldn't make it so she joined now instead.

Some useful media coverage...

Getting the message out is of course of importance for us. After the IPCC climate report was released on October 8th it makes even more sense to push for carbon free lifestyles on water. Here is a collection of the current media coverage. PRACTICAL BOAT OWNER/YACHTING WORLD September 2018 NYA ÅLAND August 2018 RIGA MEDIA August 2018 HELA GOTLAND August 2018 BAROMETERN/ÖLAND August 2018 BROMMA TIDNING/STOCKHOLM May 2018

A sneak peak into the image archive...

We have collected thousands of images and hours of footage and interviews. We're re-experiencing the journey while organizing all of it and preparing it for the production of the documentary film. In the is a sneak peak into parts of the archive. Thank you all for being part of this project and for sharing the values and the message. PS: We sailed off from Oslo on World Environment Day, on September 5th, and today, on October 8th, the latest IPCC Report (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change) was launched. I see both of them as strong symbolic pillars for this project and its underlaying, quite serious, message: "Please, do what you can to change your lifestyle into a sm




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