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A sneak peak into the image archive...

We have collected thousands of images and hours of footage and interviews. We're re-experiencing the journey while organizing all of it and preparing it for the production of the documentary film. In the is a sneak peek into parts of the archive. Thank you all for being part of this project and for sharing the values and the message.

PS: We sailed off from Oslo on World Environment Day, on September 5th, and today, on October 8th, the latest IPCC Report (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change) was launched. I see both of them as strong symbolic pillars for this project and its underlying, quite serious, message: "Please, do what you can to change your lifestyle into a smarter and more sustainable one. Now. Thank you!"

The planned tour – which turned into a 2.560 NM ride and an arrival in September instead...

Fossil out – Bye-bye engine, tank, tubes, sound, smell, holes, cooling water, grease, vibrations... Photo: Jana Julian

Electric in – Hello new cable through the hull! (Yes, that is it...) Photo: Jana Julian

The new electric pod-drive under the hull.

Getting installed and ready to sail for change. Photo: Jana Julian

Launching day – we striped the hull to promote the message and the journey’s stops.

Sail-Off Ceremony in Oslo – with Louise Dedichen, Rear Admiral in the Royal Norwegian Navy, officially sealing the shore power plug. Photo: Sigurd Haug

2560 Nautical Miles, three bodies of water, seven countries, and visiting some 50+ marinas during three months.

Inviting young guests, offering them sailing and adventure, but not much luxury and not a lot of privacy...

Just a short clip of a trawling session while sailing from Havstenssund in Sweden to Skagen in Denmark...

Great moments with great young crew members, representing five well as some young and curious visitors:-)

Interviewing the young crew members about their thoughts, fears, and hopes for the future...From the top left: Rikard, Clara, Nora, Carro, Joshua, and Juanda.

Magic moments together with majestic “partners in clime” along the journey...

Interviewing interesting people along the journey about their field of expertise and their views on the need for action now... From top left: Søren Hermanson, Director of The Energy Academy on Samsø about how they transformed the island and community to be energy self-sufficient and carbon-neutral. Dee Caffari, Skipper on the VOR Team “Turn The Tide On Plastics”, about her experiences with micro plastics along the race and her efforts on the Agenda 2030.

Marcus Eriksen, science advisor of the Volvo Ocean Race as well as Co-Founder and Research Director of The 5 Gyres Institute in San Diego about his views on pollution in the oceans.

Marie Björling Duell, Secretary General at Swedish Sailing Federation about their

activities and ambitions with youth sailor climate programs

Martin Hassellöv, Professor at the Marine Department at University of Gothenburg

about microplastic trawling and laboratory analyses.

Kari Torp, Senior Advisor at Bellona Foundation about their and Wärtsilä’s engagement

in SeaBin – a surface water waste management pump system.

Media coverage

Showcasing the pod drive, the microplastic trawl, the sun cooker, our small portable solar cells, and the toxic-free coating and at suitable marinas, boat fares, sailing events, and whenever requested by curious people.

From top left: The solar cooker in action on deck, our “science center” on the transom in the back, with the microplastic trawl, extra solar cells, camera, and 4G-antenna, then the trawl in action next to the boat, and bottom right a delicious omelet thanks to the morning sun.

Eddy and I made a quick stop in Waxholm before sailing the last miles in to Stockholm city center... we know, it doesn't look good to not fix the boat when tied up, but we were VERY hungry:-)

Arriving Riddarholmen in Stockholm on September 5th, with Nobel’s City Hall as our back drop. Nice to be back, but yes, already longing for next adventure. Thank you all for coming! Photo: Johan Boström and Lars G Karlsson

We did it thanks to professional help, lots of trust, shared values, and moral support. Thank you all! +46 70 0058 660




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