Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our gift for this year's Christmas is the fact that we have phased out one fossil fuel engine from circulation. Creating no more old-school toxic emissions... instead it will create new and inspirational art for the benefit of clean oceans. These are the major parts from the gazoline engine that we ripped out from our 1991 Smaragd sailboat earlier this year. They will be melted down and the material will be used to create new art... Yes, we could have sold the engine to someone who needed one. But we feel it is better to phase it out from circulation and use it for another purpose. Like creating new inspirational art and sell it for the benefit of clean oceans:-) CARBON-NEGATIVE / CLIMATE PO

Couldn't keep away from doing one more short trip...

It was not the plan this morning for sure, but I just couldn’t avoid taking her out for a last day trip before the ice takes command of the Baltic Sea.. On the way out to the marina the fresh snow made the temptation to sail a little grew stronger... Works in 100% snow as well as in 100% sun... least somebody is using their summer house even this time of the year. The ice has started to be present in the marina and a couple of freezing days and nights over Christmas will make sailing problematic:-) So, this was the day to do it – end the season.

Season ending in 35 knots snow...

What can be better than ending the sailing season with a bunch of young pro-sailors, in heavy winds, snow fall, cold rain and grey skies? Sounds rough? Well, add the sauna, the hanging in cockpit with warm glögg, chicken wraps for lunch, dinner at Sandhamn's Värdshus (Guest house) and a nice walk around the island next morning and you got the perfect setting for a nice off-season weekend. And Sandhamn is always worth a visit – one of the most far out East islands/marinas in the Stockholm archipelago. Yes, it is in fact snowing: Hanna by the tiller... what a great start. When the camera turns you can barely spot Siri and Martin and then we have Linn and Rikard. They make my dream-come-true cr




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