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Season ending in 35 knots snow...

What can be better than ending the sailing season with a bunch of young pro-sailors, in heavy winds, snowfall, cold rain, and grey skies? Sounds rough? Well, add the sauna, the hanging in the cockpit with warm glögg, chicken wraps for lunch, dinner at Sandhamn's Värdshus (Guest house), and a nice walk around the island next morning and you got the perfect setting for a nice off-season weekend. And Sandhamn is always worth a visit – one of the most far-out East islands/marinas in the Stockholm archipelago.

Yes, it is in fact snowing: Hanna by the tiller... what a great start. When the camera turns you can barely spot Siri and Martin and then we have Linn and Rikard. They make my dream-come-true crew...especially in the snow, rain and 35 knots wind a little further out:-)

Oooops: Sandhamn up front...another 20 minutes in this wind and then it's time for some chill in the cockpit with sweet warm glögg...

The dream-come-true-crew: First out is Rikard Silfverhielm, the brave Smaragd sailor who joined me from Fårösund to Riga. A three-day and night bonanza in zero wind compared to this trip. Then we have Linn Dismo in the white jacket, a very experienced sail racer who teamed up with a friend on this year's Gotland Runt in an open racer. Next is Martin Nitschke, he sailed with us between Sweden and Denmark this summer, recently dubbed as Sea Captain, and while studying he crossed a couple of oceans on various sailing yachts. Aft of him comes Siri Rembe, an experienced sailor with lots of Nordic NM in her sailing CV. Then Hanna Torlén by the tiller, working at Superyachts and also with a comprehensive sailing track record in her hand.

Happy skipper with Linn, Hanna, Rikard, Siri, and Martin at Trouville Beach.

The end... time for sailboats and signs to be prepared for another harsh winter.




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