A stop at the ship yard

A pad-eye for the code... Apart from being exciting, making a stop at the ship yard means having to make lots of decisions. Small and big. Not later, but now. The launching day seems to be coming up faster this year than ever before. Possibly because I am giving the boat I love so much, such a thorough makeover. A pad-eye? Well, the sailmaker is preparing a Code One sail for greater boat speed, that means I need a solid something to attach it into. In front of the forestay. But there is not much room to play around with up there. And everybody who has attached things on a boat deck knows that some long arm has to be there underneath the deck with a wrench when it is time to get it to sit tig

Challenging change sure is inspiring

I remember when little never-heard-of Tesla introduced their electric roadster in 2009 and was seriously doubted. Less than ten years later the entire car industry is bragging about their electric ambitions. DOING A TESLA ON WATER The idea to do a "Tesla on water" stirs up dust amongst boat people as well. Have to admit that I am overwhelmed by the interest. Time is better now and many sailors have made the switch before me, so the comparison is perhaps far fetched, but I cant help to feel inspired by the encouragements as well as by the harsh doubts haha... Of course I want to show the supporters that they've put their beliefs on the right horse, and to show the doubters that they should p

Teaming up with North Sails.

It is with great pride we can announce that North Sails with its sailmaker loft in Stockholm is our supporter and partner. Having their competent team watch over our sails provides us with a great deal of comfort. Not only are North Sails an Official Supplier at the Volvo Ocean Race, they are taking serious steps in the fight for cleaner oceans by committing 1% of their clothing sales to OFF – the Ocean Family Foundation and their research programs. North Sails are Official Suppliers for Volvo Ocean Race 2018 – above creating knots for the team Turn The Tide On Plastics. Photo Mike Smith. 100% – EVERY KNOT COUNTS Wind will obviously be the most important source of energy during our journey.

100% Biocide Free:-)

Signed and sealed – yes, we will sail and seal with SeaBoost this summer. SeaBoost Oy in Espoo, Finland, is challenging the coating giants by bringing a 100% biocide free coating, developed in Germany by Berndt Wohlert, to the Nordic market. The product is for boat owners who want to sleep well and move fast. Ok, it requires some brushing of the underwater hull during the season...but if that is the price we have to pay in order to get rid of toxic coating leftovers in our oceans, I am sure ready to try it. I met with SeaBoost's founder, Christian Feodoroff, in Stockholm today. He is basing his arguments on German scientific testing results and IRL-testing for some years with initially scept

Sun cooker arrived on a snowy day...

It is snowing from left to right outside the window and I just received a solar cooker. Better test it another day obviously. I am sure looking forward to it. Did I fall for one of these humiliating TV-shop offers? Nope. I have seen several sailors use it on video-blogs and most of them seem happy with the result. Totally fuel free. Fold out the sun reflectors, point it towards the sun. Put whatever you want to cook on the long tray and slide it into the glass tube. On a sunny day it will easily get up to 150-200C degrees inside. Wait: More sun - less wait. Less sun – more wait. Place it on the deck or on a pier, or get a little "thing" and attach it firmly to something onboard your boat whi




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