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Challenging change sure is inspiring

I remember when little never-heard-of Tesla introduced their electric roadster in 2009 and was seriously doubted. Less than ten years later the entire car industry is bragging about its electric ambitions.

DOING A TESLA ON WATER The idea to do a "Tesla on water" stirs up dust amongst boat people as well. Have to admit that I am overwhelmed by the interest. Time is better now and many sailors have made the switch before me, so the comparison is perhaps far-fetched, but I can't help to feel inspired by the encouragement as well as by the harsh doubts haha... Of course, I want to show the supporters that they've put their beliefs on the right horse, and to show the doubters that they should perhaps reconsider...

How it will end up? Who knows, but if I was motivated earlier it is not even close to what I am now. Here is a little collection of recent comments:

– I'd be really interested to know how you get on with it Bjorn... I'm renovating a boat myself at the moment and thinking of the same thing.

– Really interesting 👍🏻👍🏻

– So you’re going to do twice the distance in half the time without a trustable engine - good luck.

– Not for a displacement hull with a massive keel, but for a light trimaran 8-10hp is more than enough.

– Electric boats are ok on duck lakes but after 3 days in gales, you'll wish you were back in port.

– It is a start for change in how we use energy. It should only get better.

– I love the idea... but fast can it push a 30' sailboat and what kind of torque is on the extension post of that pod at full throttle?

– I think you said it all and said it well. It's time... the technology is maturing.

– Looks fantastic. Good on you for taking the plunge. It’s not that scary in the end and I suspect you won’t miss your diesel. Great looking conversion, well done.

– You can forget about the fridge and your AIS and autopilot etc...

Time will tell. Thank you all for taking interest in this!

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Some of the Facebook groups:

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