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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our gift for this year's Christmas is the fact that we have phased out one fossil fuel engine from circulation. Creating no more old-school toxic emissions... instead, it will create new and inspirational art for the benefit of clean oceans.

These are the major parts from the gasoline engine that we ripped out from our 1991 Smaragd sailboat earlier this year. They will be melted down and the material will be used to create new art...

Yes, we could have sold the engine to someone who needed one. But we feel it is better to phase it out from circulation and use it for another purpose. Like creating new inspirational art and selling it for the benefit of clean oceans:-)


Keeping global warming under two degrees means that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, remove some of the carbon dioxides we’ve already emitted by our lifestyles.

In other words, becoming carbon or climate neutral is not enough. We need to do more and these are the steps we will take when creating the art:

1. Use renewable energy sources for the melting

2. Measure and calculate the art production emissions we can not avoid

3. Capture at least 100% of the emissions we create by planting enough trees that absorb and store that amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

4. We will then add more trees in order to absorb another 10% of our calculated emissions. This means we will capture more carbon dioxide than we create and consequently help reduce the overall levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere = climate positive and carbon negative:-)

We will keep you updated on the progress.

Sailing electric 2500 NM around Scandinavia this summer, arriving in the Stockholm archipelago in the end of August.

Clownfish. Photo cred: Thank you Apple Wallpaper.

We wish all of you a great Christmas Holiday and a Fabulous New Year 2019.




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