New bed getting ready for the new drive...

The new electric drive needs a new bed and it is getting there... The former fossil fuel engine needed a much heavier and larger bed due to its weight and vibrations. That one is ripped out. The slim new bed for the electric drive saves space and weight.

And again...except from the cable to the throttle and to the two lithium batteries up front, this is all I need to worry about. No tank, no cooling water or exhaust tubes through the hull, no risk of spilling smelly and highly flammable fossil fuel in the boat, no oil smearing around...and after painting the space you are looking down into, this can be used for storage of anything – clothes, sails or delicate fruits. No heat, no dirt, no oil, no emission around in there any longer.

Thank you, much appreciated.

The new bed from above...

The new bed from underneath...

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