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Stayed the day in Copenhagen to settle some work and some other issues. I realized that the marina was just next to Copenhagen's most famous tourist attraction – the mermaid and sculpture "Lille Havfruen". Had to get a picture of her...and without all the Asian tourists swarming around her haha...they were everywhere:-)

The little mermaid. Google her and you will get a nice story...

Then, by mere coincidence, I met Øivind, a great "partner in crime" in terms of electric sailing. He has bought a spectacular sailboat with an electric engine and feeds his battery park with solar and wind. I will come back on that and his exciting project in a separate post later on.

Øivind showed me his electric installation in the heart of his modern design yacht.

That same afternoon I sailed off for Malmoe to meet with another mermaid and a dear friend - Tugba. Malmoe is just a short distance away for a sailor. And the city's West Marina was where she was waiting and a very nice little place to enter in the early evening. Tugba is my smart raw food and tango dancing friend from years back, she came to the boat and said hello and we ended up having dinner and talking about life for many hours. Her cool friend Sanshara, from Brazil, joined in and spiced up the conversations with her perspectives. I feel blessed for having the opportunity to have these two, wasting so much time with me, and to be able to keep this evening as a dear memory:)

Lovely Tugba and her friend wasted one evening on me. Thank you!




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