Half way and arriving Copenhagen

After a few days "long haul" sailing from Kiel I arrived Falsterbo in Sweden, where Clara 17 and Johan 24 joined in as crew. Two young and smart friends. The original plan was to sail with them to Christiansø, but due to the delay we had to re-arrange the plan and make the trip to Copenhagen instead. We more or less passed the project's halfway mark 1000 Nautic Miles at the same time as we sailed spinnacker under the Öresund Bridge. Two memorable moments. Arriving Copenhagen, we had sailed 1022,7 NM since June 5th.

The Öresund Bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden between Copenhagen and Malmoe.

Clara 17, a bright college student, thinking a lot about what's going to happen as she grows up and Johan, an examined physicist and bright guy, looking deep into perspectives and phenomenas I haven't even heard about. Interviewing both of them was a true pleasure as their thoughts matters. Snippets of the interviews will be published here soon...

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