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No wind. No Rostock.

Right outside of Kiel the wind died. I didn't want to waste the new batteries on this leg and certainly not yet, so I let myself drift around. After some 26 hours, I gave up drifting towards Rostock in Germany and decided to try to rather drift north towards Rødby in Denmark instead. I had crew waiting for me up in Falsterbo, Sweden so no time for the extra miles to Rostock. That was sad since I had looked forward to meeting with scientists at the Rostock Marine Center. But such is life in sailing. Just have to save Rostock for another year...

July 20th, 20.46 – Kind of majestic to sail from Kiel out to this guy, but after drifting around it for more or less 12 hours the majestic-ness was gone. I fell asleep sitting with a hand on the tiller in 20-minute sequences before the alarm woke me up to check if any big ships were on their way toward me. I saw my yellow friend randomly either upfront, aft, on starboard, or on the port side haha:-)

July 21st, 08.57 – 12 hours later drifting towards Rostock by the current or the wind or both.

July 21st, 11.35 – after turning north towards Rødby I got the trawl going to collect samples of whatever the surface water had to offer, possibly some microplastic fragments.

Ok, Rødby is finally up front...ETA in the current "wind" is July 21st 23.07. The mood was still good so I decided to not use any of the new power in my batteries. I arrived on July 22nd, 02.34...

The Rostock Marine Science Center is part of the University of Rostock. They focus on research on marine mammals, octopods, and penguins. The center offers possibilities to explore the marine wildlife world even to swim with seals.




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