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Mast, rig and deck equipment partner

The rig just celebrated its 27th birthday and it is time to evaluate the odds for a drama at sea in 30 knots wind, darkness, and possibly all alone. Ok, once that thought was born, a call to Per at Benns was inevitable. Per helped me back in the days in 2001 when another mast of a larger kind was to be fixed.

We discussed the needs and the costs. I was torn between the safety aspect and the offer. Per, who very well knows the difference between costs and value, was kind enough to coach me with the words "You only live once"...

Thankfully, Benns was also kind enough to see potential in the project 100% Sun Wind Water and I am therefore more than proud to announce Benns to be one of our partners from now on. The expertise and support is immensely appreciated.

Benns is a full-service marine store and service center and a mast and rig manufacturer.

Visit Benns store and manufacture plant in Saltsjö Boo

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Bengt Skoglund 1954 started Benn's Industry & Ship Materiel. He was one of the pioneers in the modern boat industry. He humbly started in a small cellar. It was crowded, the shelves plunged under hundreds of boat accessories, and the customers lined up outside the door.

In the 1960's Bengt started his rig production. Benns was among the first in the country to manufacture masts in the new material aluminum.

With Benns store south of Stockholm, boaters got a new favorite stop. They could find all the equipment and special accessories needed. They could even buy a whole rig. Benn's became known for its knowledgeable people who took the time needed and talked through each concern with its customers. That tradition has continued into the 21st century.

The second generation Skoglund, Per, and Pia, developed Benns into what it is today – a full-service store and service center for boat owners. Nowadays, you will find the premises in Saltsjö-Boo outside of Stockholm.

In 2015 one of the largest marine equipment distributor chains in Sweden, Erlandssons Brygga, acquired Benns and thereby strengthened its offer to sailboat owners.




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