Soon, soon, soon....

My phone gave me that "ping" and reminded me that I earlier this year noted in my calendar that today at noon it was time for "Launching day at the shipyard" (Sjösättning Lidköp, in Swedish). Well, look at the images below (from yesterday) and take a guess on how close to the water we in fact are... this very day of May 19th, the mighty year of two thousand eighteen.

It doesn't look good, I know. But we will make it in time. You just wait and see:-)


Saildrive covered and well protected, check. 100% biocide free coating ready for application? Not really, but we will get it painted on there soon...

Navigation stuff all set? Not yet as you can see, but soon...

Hull and keel primed and nourished for the second layer? Yes! Check.

Galley tops installed? Well, almost there now. The next image you will see of these two, will be when they are sound and safe inside the boat...

The two Lithium batteries are installed and connected. Hurray!! Check!

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