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Signed, sealed, delivered!

This could not start in a better way. Rear Admiral Louise Dedichen in the Royal Norwegian Navy and her entourage participated in our "Sail Off Ceremony" at Aker Brygge in Oslo, Norway. Feeling their support and trust is a true honor and something we will cherish deeply every Nautical Mile we will sail for the sake of our oceans and generations to come. After a short presentation of the project and the journey, Rear Admiral Dedichen officially took her shoes off (yeah, she sure is a true sailor:-) and jumped into the boat to officially seal the shore power charger in front of the cameras and some 15-20 people...

Photos: Sigurd Haug

Louise and Bjorn. A prominent Admiral and a Skipper, or just two human beings fighting for a smarter life on planet Earth.

Signed, sealed, delivered. The boat's shore power plug is now locked in a plastic container and a Rear Admiral in the Royal Norwegian Navy holds the sealing plier with the unique mark/signets. We are thereby on our own – no fossil fuel and we can not charge the batteries by connecting us to any shore power socket in the marinas we visit along the journey. We simply have to collect and create the energy we need by solar power from solar panels, hydropower from the propeller, and windpower/speed from sailing.

Aker Brygge as a backdrop while giving a short presentation of the project, the boat, the electric drive, the micro-plastic trawl, some safety equipment, and fresh carrots cooked in the solar beam cooker.

My partners in clime... These partners deserve a salute, they have morally supported this project from day one, they have believed in a never-heard-of-guy and his dream, they have generously supported with extremely valuable pieces of advice and experiences, and yes, they have offered nice prices on the purchased equipment. But they are not financial sponsors, I would do this statement journey with or without them and I cherish their trust more than anything else. Thank you all! Just wanted to have that said:-)

18-year-old crew member Nora from Oslo, filling up with some energy before sailing off on the premiere leg – Oslo-Drøbak.

The moment of truth...demonstrating the sealing equipment to the audience before going aboard...

I would lie if I told you that I am not proud to have a Rear Admiral from the Royal Navy onboard my little boat. To have Louise Dedichen there as the first one is truly overwhelming.

– Ok folks, time to do the sealing.

Bye-bye Oslo and everybody...happily sailing out together with the first crew: Nora, Klara, and Erik. Fenomenal young people and we will soon post more about them and the brilliant things they do to contribute to a better lifestyle for us all.

I dedicate this one to my mum and dad, finally, their youngest son seems to have accomplished something of real value haha:-)




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