Stop in Fredrikstad

Oh, what a challenge this was... I arrived Fredrikstad's "West River" at 4 am after some swell single handed sailing in pretty nifty winds through a pretty rocky archipelago.

The rules says that one have to call the bridge guys well in advance if you want them to open the bridge for you in order to "sail" into the city center and "brygga". So I called at 7 am, to get through at 9 am. At 9.05 I called again...just to be informed that the West River bridge is not working since some few weeks back...What?

Ok, so if I am fast and have good winds I will manage to sail around Kråkerøy in 3-4 hours...and enter from East River through that bridge at 1 pm instead. Presentation meeting starts at 2 pm so hey, whats there to be nervous about? Well, battery capacity was one thing and wind getting lazy was another one...

The battery dropped from 96% to 64% just to get us out of the narrow part of the West River and into sailing waters. Then the wind faded out... but we happily slipped past the open bridge at 1pm, with just a few minutes margin. Our faces were saved.


The current was not that strong this day, and by the edges of the canal it was of course less powerful, so the symbolic charging test in the river of Glomma was a bit far fetched. But a short presentation of the boat, engine and project was made at Paa Brygga and some of the young visitors were invited to not only check the boat, but also to climb the mast...

Like an amusement park...