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Arriving at the Volvo Ocean In-Port Race

Ihaaaaaa....arrived last night at Långedrag Marina and today we made Johanna ready to set sails for the mighty Volvo Ocean Gothenburg In-Port a spectator of course, but anyway. Together with a German 50-footer, we were the only ones sailing...meaning zig-zagging back-and-fourth between lots of spectator boats, military patrol boats, and the Swedish Sea Rescue Society ships. It was fun, wild, and partly risky as the discipline about the marine rules on who shall avoid whom, were set aside in the excitement and the hunt for the best views of the "Mean VOR Machines" bouncing around in 20-25 knots.


Looks like we still were ahead of them at this shot haha (didn't last long though...)

Heading for the VOR sailors in VOR Gothenburg In-Port Race...

Yeeeeeeeaaaayyyy...übercool to sail so close to these legendary sailors, but look at the helicopter possibly filming this way. It could actually mean that the narcissistic part of me finally might possibly find itself in a tv-footage sequence somewhere, right? Will the entire me be happier if so might happen? Who knows?

Tough guys taking risks to win on any waters around the globe...

Tough guys helping out when the going gets too tough for others...the Swedish Sea Rescue Society is managed by skilled volunteers, covering and safeguarding the entire coastline around Sweden 24-7-365.

A not so tough, but a very excited guy... more like a kid on Christmas Eve:-)

The tough display shows that we do almost seven knots by sails and charging the batteries while having fun. When we turned the engine off outside the Långedrag Marina it showed 47%. After sailing-charging and using it up the Göta Älv river it showed 48% docking at Lilla Bommen Marina. A great victory for a 100% Sun Wind Water sailor.




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