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"We will replace your pod drive"

Something like that was the text message I met when switching on my mobile phone waking up back on Koster Island. Today I was in Skärhamn. The super friendly guy running the crane lifted the boat in an instant, and the super skilled Torqeedo-dealers delivered the new updated pod drive version and shifted it fairly easy – even if they had to use a hand-crafted instant stick for a certain "get-the-new-cable-through-the-hole-maneuver".

And yes, the new updated pod drive started fine while on land and charged well in water when sailing above 4-5 knots. And yes, the super charming girl at the Watski store next by managed me to buy spare parts needed one-by-one...and she may have influenced my decision to fix some few extra things before leaving. Great service delivered by charming people is da shit in a happy consumer life.

The old pod drive is out and the hole in the center is all there is left of it...

The computer unit was also replaced with a new updated one...

Thank you Dan and Thomas for great and pleasant service, see you on Marstrand! (Yes, the right way is to say ON Marstrand even if we "East coasters" tend to say IN Marstrand. But over here, the West coast rules, just gotta respect that:-)

The new updated version is in place – nothing particurlarly new on the outside, but a whole lot of differences inside. Automatic charging sensor software is one of the new features. Yeah! Longing for to test it:-)

Yep, the good guys (goa gubbarna) at Savoy in Skärhamn did their job and Johanna was ready for launch back into her elements...




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