Think, draw, find, buy, build, install.

Spent almost all day to figure out how to design the thing. Thank goodness for the rich assortment of stuff they have at Erlandsson’s Brygga in Sisjön. Walking around for hours trying to make up my mind on how to build a steady platform making room for the micro plastic trawl, the 70W solar cell, the 4G Internet antenna and our plastic debris collection bins. It had to be super steady for wild waters, lightweight for the balance of the boat and look at least ok and respectful, as we will be doing some serious scientific data collection while sailing around in the waters of seven countries.

It also have to be safe. If a Man-Over-Board incident would occur, anyone should be able to cut the lines holding the micro plastic trawl in place, tip it away and into the water and then fold out the rescue ladder and climb back up and into the boat.

Great help from the friendly and skilled people at Benns and Erlandsson's Brygga in Sisjön, Gothenburg!

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