At the start of VOR's last leg

Wheehooo, this was one of the most exciting days in a long time. Leaving the marina and sliding out on Götaälv together with the legendary “Whitbread Armada” and then another day zig-zag sailing around them VOR-racers and spectators in pretty much wind:-) Got great help from a Norwegian random friend who more or less jumped onboard on my way out from the marina. Good to have four hands on a windy day like this:-) Thank you!

Here you go folks, tried to film the start on the last VOR-leg outside Älvsborgs Castle and their last leg/race down to Hague. Turn The Tide On Plastic is up there fighting in good speed... go-go-go TTTOP!:-)

(Coming soon: Video from the VOR)

Thank you all for some really great days in Gothenburg! And special thx to all security boats, military patrols, coast guard ships, rescue boats and spectators who met us with smiles when randomly racing around in between you all with the sails up while trying to charge our batteries:-)

Sailed back into Långedrag, packed and locked the boat, then off for the train station and some family business and work over the weekend and week to come.

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