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Exam, Midsummer, Birthday, VOR finish line and work...

Time for some family business...woke up in Copenhagen. My son Johannes’ examination day at Copenhagen Business School. Shifting from a barefoot boat life into a university hall with students and parents. Then enjoy a great family dinner in a smart, really good, and conscious Copenhagen restaurant (will come back to that when sailing into Copenhagen later on the trip).

The next day, travel up to Stockholm to celebrate "Swedish Midsummer" with my sweet mum. The next morning celebrating my sweet daughter Julie’s 23 birthday and while she partied out with friends I checked out the VOR tracker for the last part of the last race...

And yeez was that exciting to see Dong Feng (red boat in the upper right corner), Turn The Tide, and Scallywag sail 2-5 knots faster along the coastline than what the others did out on the more ocean-ish western route (white, yellow, orange). Did you watch it?

And the bold decision to go along the coast paid off at the end of the race and the Chinese won (Go-China-Go!) and Turn The Tide On Plastic managed to get two boats behind them. That was a truly great ending to this mega event. All that sailing around the planet and a finish with all of them within a couple of hours.

Yes! A young sail racing nation got the chance to beat the more experienced ones. Sports are so refreshing:-)

...and suddenly I have to admit that it felt a little extra cool to have been visiting onboard the Dong Feng while in Gothenburg (Thank you North Sails!).

After that, I managed two days of work and one wonderful evening up on a balcony with great company on top of Stockholm.




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