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A dip, a sail-out and an early morning sail-back.

Waking up in Vinga knowing I had no power at all and was technically in the way of every other boat in there made me regret that I ever left Långedrag. I took an early morning bath to re-boot my mind hoping it would solve the dilemma by itself.

An inverted selfie of a naked early morning dip.

Thankfully, people out on remote islands are nice people and quite solution-oriented…so everything went well when untangling the marina mess and by lunch, I was the only boat left in there. In a wind shift in the afternoon, I challenged the current and took off with a plan in mind to sail to Marstrand and fix the dilemma when getting there, a day or two later.

But the same evening I received a new SMS from Torqeedo: “Be in Långedrag at 08.00 tomorrow and we will update your batteries”. So, I stopped fighting the 15-20 knot wind and went in behind some islands and let my anchor go. Spent the evening fixing stuff and waiting for the wind to cool down. It didn’t, so I set the alarm clock to 03.00 am and went to bed.

At 03.15 my main was up and the code was out. Långedrag next, FABULOUS sunrise, great wind, and in a good mood.

I am in love with my furling Code Zero... Providing me with so much extra speed in light winds, it is almost unreal. Having sailed the Smaragd with only a jib for so many years...if I knew then, what I know now, I would not have spent one day on the water without a furling code. Here I am sailing back South towards Vinga, before going East and into Långedrag. It is 04.25 am...yet another beautiful morning.




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