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Signed as "Eco-Sailing Ambassador" for Latvia and Estonia

Latvia and Estonia’s development program for sailing infrastructure have signed us to be their “Eco-Sailing Ambassador” in order to help strengthen their sustainability commitments related to the United Nations Agenda 2030. Download Pressrelease (Eng)

Our role is to team up and flavor the efforts within the ongoing development of their recreational marinas, with a focus on services, sustainability, and events for visiting sailors. Inga Brieze, Project Coordinator, Riga Planning Region: “We share sensitive waters with sailors from ten countries and strongly believe in establishing long-term relations and trust with all of them. These ambitions can only be successful if we provide a suitable and sustainable infrastructure, reliable services, and a welcoming attitude. We are now investing heavily in technical updates of our marinas, so teaming up with open-minded sailors from our neighbors in order to also better understand and pinpoint the needs of our incoming guests will be a most valuable contribution as we move forward.”

The network of marinas is extensively developed and offers sailors a great variety of adventures and experiences.

The Riga Planning Region is an EU-financed, cross-border collaboration program for development within the East Baltic Coast. The "EU Interreg program" is performed in strong partnership with Latvian and Estonian marinas and regions.


A road trip visiting 40 marinas along the coastline in both countries has just been conducted. The purpose was to see and learn more about the extensive developments and meet with Harbour Masters. Our role is to collect impressions and feed the project management with input from a Scandinavian sailing perspective as well as to help raise awareness of sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle alternatives.

Change is created by people... During the road trip, we captured what can possibly be considered the world's largest collection of East Baltic Sea Harbour Master groupies:-)

This upcoming spring we will participate in various activities and events to inspire and invite sailors from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway to plan for a sailing adventure to the Eastern coastline of the Baltic Sea. - - -




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