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Project taking off on World Environment Day, June 5th.

Yes, our project is slightly delayed due to COVID-19, but our sincere mission has not been weakened by the pandemic. Rather strengthened. Human's up-tempo lifestyles, desires, and habits have obviously had serious implications on life on Mother Earth. While Corona is slowing down the human rush, we are getting reports that nature is taking deep breaths of appreciation. Wow, something to really think about. We consider the times to come to be an excellent platform for human change: Change of behaviors, change of habits, and change of perspectives and we see it as our mission to promote that via our sailing endeavor...

We will start from Stockholm City Center on June 5th at 15.00. The World Environment Day – what day could be a better one to take off than that?

More details about the sail-off will be published here on our blog and on our social media.

We have been told that a project like this may be even more important now when people are thriving for inspiration, dreams, and positive thoughts. We will do our best to convey what we see, learn and experience this summer and along the way.

All this is said with deep respect to all those who have experienced hardships or tragedies during these unusual and difficult times. We will of course also respect all regulations as well as take required security measures for the team, crew, guests, and visitors at marinas and events.

Welcome to follow us on the voyage!

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