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Launch delayed, racing schedule changed, project developed!

We gave the project the name ACT 2020 for a reason... and we will act despite the turbulent times and the consequences of Covid-19. Launching while celebrating World Environment Day on June 5th was a dream of ours. We will still celebrate World Environment Day, but we decided to push our launch a week forward in order to get everything set and to await new decisions on travel restrictions within Sweden (the Swedish government announced today that people in Sweden without symptoms are now free to travel within the country, but are still obliged to follow the rules about distancing, etc). SAIL OFF LAUNCH DATE – THURSDAY JUNE 11th

More details about the launch will be posted when we know more.

FIRST RACE – FRIDAY JUNE 12th Our racing schedule has changed. The first race will be Kolfiberrodret in Stockholm Archipelago. A 24-hour short-handed race starting on Friday, June 12th, and with a race course around different islands depending on the expected winds. Kolfiberrodret is a fairly new and very popular sail racing competition. Kolfiberrodret replaces our planned race Lidingö Runt, which was canceled due to Covid-19. GOTLAND RUNT – JUNE 28th Sadly, this major race – a jewel in sail racing – has been canceled due to Covid-19. We are nevertheless planning and preparing for to sail the race distance around Gotland on the same dates as intended. That means starting in Stockholm City on June 28th.

SAILING ELECTRIC, ZERO WASTE, AND SOLAR FOOD The preparation is moving forward successfully. The electric engine and hydro generation system are being updated and the solar power system as well. Very exciting! We are also getting further in our planning of the zero waste management onboard and we are excited to even test and develop a composting system with small planting opportunities:-) Sourcing food direct from small ecological producers and stores has been very fruitful and we are excited about the interest in our project by the people we meet. Check our latest blog post on zero waste.




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