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Ocean Artivism in action

We are proud to unveil some hardcore Ocean Artivism by talented and creative Julia Maldonado, who could not travel in to Sweden from Mexico to paint her art herself (due to COVID travel restrictions). We simply did it for her instead – well, simply is not the right word, but we used a projector and connected via Facetime to solve the toughest challenges. Haha, we will never count the hours spent under that hull...with our paint brushes holding the slim widths of only 5-20 millimeters.

Maybe the world's first full hull sailboat canvas? Don't miss to scroll down all the way and check out the time-lapse video... Why Julia Maldonado? She is born and raised in a diving family on the island of Cozumel in the Gulf Of Mexico. She has seen firsthand how the colorful coral reefs from her childhood simply have died and disappeared diving down there nowadays. Her and our message are the same, we need to bring these issues to the surface – how fatal our lifestyles above the water really are and how severe its impact is on the life under surface.

Find below some images and links to the live streams from the unveiling ceremony...with an interview with Ocean Artivist Julia Maldonado and Christian Feodoroff, CEO of Seaboost - the toxic-free coating company.

Julia designed the art with "sharpies" on paper in 2-dimensions...

...we then projected it on the 3-dimensional hull. We adjusted the image for the curving shapes and hand-painted it with tiny (!) brushes. Thank you for your endless patience, Guri Bigham!

Toxic-free coating for cleaner seas on our temporary working table. A week later it was enriched with some pretty intense patina.

Getting there... We will get back with stories about our animals and plants under and over the waves.

Our message underwater.. so that any random divers passing by have a hashtag to use:-)

Check out the unveiling video and interview with Christian Feodoroff, CEO at Seaboost OY – the toxic-free coating company in Northern Europe.

Check out the interview video with the artist Julia Maldonado.




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