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Sail-off for "Gotland Runt Unplugged"

After a hectic week - installing an updated Torqeedo pod engine, finalizing detailed ocean art on the hull, and preparing food within our zero waste policy, the five racing crew members Hanna, Siri, Hanna, Elin, and Inez pressed the start button. Sailing off for an unfortunate COVID-19 canceled race, but doing our version anyway – "Gotland Runt Unplugged". Setting off for a racing/training adventure in potential rough winds and 270 Nautical Miles.

Ok, lets go...270 Nautical Miles here we come:-)

Being honored with an invitation to lay side-by-side with the legendary 63-footer S/Y Refanut, we spent a day and evening with experienced sailors. Check out more about Refanut.

Refanut Skipper Peder Wallenberg Jr inviting the team for an inspiring pep-talk onboard one of Sweden's most well-known classical sail racers – having several Gotland Runt 1st on the tracklist.

Big waters, big decisions. These girls know what they are dealing with, check out their bios here.

Hanna, Inez, Elin, Hanna, and Siri getting the strategies and routes ready.

Checking the expected wind conditions...ooops it's gonna be a windy return from Hoburgen.

The Windy App (here with 12 hours in between the images) shows that the hard wind (Green = 10-15 and orange = 25-30 knots wind) will arrive at Gotland's south tip by lunchtime on Tuesday...then shoot by the area during the evening and night onto Wednesday. Later on Wednesday, it will ease down again. We hope for a safe race and voyage. Safety is of course first priority and if too high risks the team will turn around without hesitation.

Checking the storm jib - under expert supervision from experienced Refanut crew members...

Team member Guri has found and prepared food for the team and the four days. No single-use plastics onboard and sail racing menus easy for the team to prepare and indulge onboard. Check out Guri's Zero Waste and Solar Food role in this project, and her website, and follow her on Instagram.

Ok girls, what's your goal?

Sending the team off on a mission – to sail around Gotland, build a team together, test a zero waste life onboard a tiny boat, slow cook food in Wonderbags, sailing electric and toxic free, and sharing impressions, experiences, and positive attitudes about smarter lifestyle alternatives on the water:-) Have fun ladies!

Feels good to know that the team and boat are equipped with a reliable electric pod engine and battery park with long range and power to handle rough waters. The Torqeedo 10.0 is being tested this summer.




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