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A few nice stops before Aarhus

A few nice stops and some party-party. First out to charming Læsø after reclaiming some sleep in Skagen. On Læsø, we sadly had to say bye-bye to Martin and then we sailed down to Bønnerup where we picked up Amalie and Lisa. From there we took off to a rather unusual place, Øer Sluser after some dramatic sudden wind gusts. Next morning southward to the picturesque fishing village Langør on Samsøø's east coast.

Tacking all the way into Langør...the focused crew got us in safely.

We managed to squeeze in some party-party in Langør and after that, it was time to continue up to Aarhus to meet with a service engineer to check the hydro generation and battery situation again.

Here are some snaps from some hilarious days and nights with some hilarious people:


Martin, reclaiming some lost sleep on the way to Læsø...


Impossible is not a fact, it is an attitude.

Sailing – a state of being between two meals.

Bønnerup-Øer Sluser

We arrived Bønnerup late at night and the next morning Amalie and Linn signed in. Amalie's parents had delivered our two new crew members and had to go back, unfortunately.

A morning dip before the wind was said to pick up...

...and it did. What a nice bunch of crew members: Amalie, Oscar, Johannes, and Linn.

At Øer Sluser, an unusual marina next to an unusual resort. But nice to hang out again after some time apart missing each other – Johannes and Amalie.

Yes, it is a very small "kitchen" in a Smaragd, but that's the way it is:-)


On our way to Langør. Everything looks ok up front. But wait a minute...not totally ok. The furler is asking for some serious trouble.

If your first sailing leg ever was Equador-Tahiti, a winch as your pillow is just fine.

The little village and marina Langør were a very nice surprise. Packed with true sailors, a nice bar, a nice restaurant, and well, that's about it.

...hygge in one of them. Hygge is what this kind of vibe is called in Danish.

It's easy to be best friends on a day like this.



All parties have an end. Bye-bye, Amalie and Linn and thank you for the great company!

Of course, there is an empty feeling stuck inside when she left and we're out here again...

That's when it is good to have Oscar next by...two buddies since the age of 3.

Director Oscar: – Ok Johannes, can you jump out and try to cover the sun with your head?

On our way into Aarhus. It's 02.10 AM and we're making hardly any speed at all. And we have quite a few hours before we get there. In fact, we got there at 07.15 in broad morning-daylight...

But before we arrived in Aarhus...we heard some kind of breathing from the water out in the darkness. We sailed silently at some 2-3 knots. Spooky, couldn't see anything and it sounded like it came from a distance. But when looking straight down next to the boat we saw them...5-6 harbor porpoises swimming under and next to us. Wow! Too dark to take photos, but apparently they were ok with us as we didn't make any noise. In a tracking study, researchers found that Danish harbor porpoises stop hunting, diving, and echolocating when faced with excessive artificial noise. Photo by Peter Verhoog/Minden Pictures





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